Cintia Yamane Lemann


Artist Statement

I strive for balance between form, surface, colour and function trying to reconcile the various influences that have shaped my life. I draw on lessons learned from my background in Architecture and Graphic Design in an attempt to achieve equilibrium between the form I envision for each piece and its functionality. At times my Japanese heritage leads me to explore the essence of form in a peaceful, quiet statement. In these pieces I try to highlight elegant forms with simple, timeless glazes like matt white and celadon. At other times I like to make surface, line and texture the focus of the piece combined with stronger tones and contrasts. These textures and graphics come more from my Brazilian and Australian identities... More exuberant and playful, with a connection to nature, organic forms, bark, rocks, shadow, line, contrast and colour.


16 Queen Street
Mittagong New South Wales


M: 0466 620 232


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