Heidi McGeoch/Sam Larwill


Ceramics, Metal Work, Garden Sculpture, Sculpture

Artist Statement

Heidi McGeoch and Sam Larwill create rambling garden sculpture in steel and ceramics – garden gates, benches, fire braziers and water fountains as one off designs, or commissions for special occasions. Their functional but playful works made from clay, steel and recycled and found metal objects and farm machinery bring a sense of fun and fantasy to any garden. 'Our work is passionate, emotional, spontaneous. We enjoy using simple shape and strong colour and a combination of materials gives us a wide range of ever-changing variables to work with. In a time of mass production it is pure joy to dive into creating our one-off sculptures.


98 Merrigang Street
Bowral NSW


M: 0400 897 638

E: heidimcgeoch@hotmail.com

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