Jane Cavanough



Large and Small Sculpture, Public Art

Artist Statement

I have been making large urban sculpture for 20 years - mostly from steel, often combined with glass, works that interact with the wind such as Winds of Change at Eridge Park. My urban sculpture has recently been part of two projects that have won awards with the Institute of Landscape Australia and the Institute of Architects - see www.janecavanough.com.au Last year I made a series of smaller sculptures for the garden that sold incredibly well, and I am making another collection of garden sculptures again this year for the Art Trail and a Sculpture in the Garden event on Sunday November 22nd, 10-4pm. To me, a garden is life, is a connection with living things, and is definitely an outlet for creativity. We have a big garden, and what I love about it is that we can move around rooms or spaces of different character. Sculpture can be a wonderful focus for moving around the garden. The sculptures presented this year are about what I find meaningful in the garden and the bush - different types of grasses moving in the wind, the brilliant reds, oranges and yellows of autumn, choughs moving around the garden as a family. Some of my shapes are even taken from puddles along the track where I walk the dog. The new work is specifically scaled for garden beds, courtyards, and on lawns. And of course I am open to discussing commissions from clients, who might want a specifically designed work such as a tall wind vane to mark the entry of their garden, or art poles set within their dam. The garden sculptures include: • Wind vane sculptures and works with rotating finials • Grass inspired works combining hardwood and pebbles on steel stems • Some copper tube works with LED lights • A family of sheep, and some abstract birds


31 Luke's Firetrail
Penrose New South Wales


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