Monique Connolly

Artist Statement

Growing up in the southern highlands with its four distinct seasons and beautiful gardens there are always flowers to paint year round. My practice of painting and drawing attempts to capture objects in delicate light and my love of patterns is often hidden or muted in the background of my work. I use colour in shadows and bright white for definition to bring realness to the soft imitation of the objects of my work. I love using acrylics and pastels to give my work a realness in texture, drawing the eye deeper into the frame. I aim to capture moments in my work, as moments are fleeting, flowers wilt and fade, crockery breaks and apples shrivel, they all have their time in the sun as each of us do. It is a fitting reminder of life’s fragility and glory, even in small moments.


33 Hoskins Street
Moss Vale New South Wales


M: 0401 604 684


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