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False Machine

Again and Again – featuring: Imbi Davidson, Samantha Dennison, Harriet Goodall, Ceara Metlikovec, Julie Pennington, David Ryrie, Asahi So, Tanya Wales

The works in False Machine may appear diverse in medium and style, varied in approach but what connects these works is a series of repeated gestures. Some of the work is painstaking in detail, some is more minimal but the works are calm, meditative and offer up surfaces, material and patina to perhaps consider our ‘wake, rinse, repeat’ lives. There is woven fibre, pinched porcelain, knotted wire, poured pigment, there is carving, primal gestures in paint, studies of light and time in film, meticulous detail in still life. These pieces could just as easily not work together but for a sensitive understanding of how the artists are able to sink into their material with rhythm and purpose. The works, despite the control and repetition in making, always sing in the signing of the hand, or a touch that reminds us how the story lies in the variation. The patterns, the missed knot, the different angle or the alternate arrangement. One thing that I considered in bringing these works together is how the hand of the maker operates in the work and the different ways it does so in each of the artists’ practices. The skills and processes are in many ways mechanical in their repetition but the magic lies in between the layers, the pinches and the knots, it is in the everyday and how life seeps into these works.


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Harriet Goodall: Compassion

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