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Hiroe Swen – a lifetime of ceramics

There is a harmony between nature and practicality in Hiroe’s work. Her pottery is functional, her artwork gives a simple feeling of ‘Kokorozukai’ or consideration for others. She expresses her joy through the unique forms of her work to achieve a new and personal sense of art and style.

Hiroe Swen was born in the old capital city of Kyoto, regarded by many as the cultural heart of Japan. At age 23 Hiroe began a 5 and a half year apprenticeship at the Kyoto Crafts Institute under master potter H. Hayashi. At that time, female potters were very rare and Hiroe was a pioneer in ceramic society.

She met her future husband Cornel in the mid-sixties and together they migrated to Australia in 1968. Hiroe and Cornel have lived in Australia ever since and throughout her life Hiroe has been a prolific creator of ever changing and evolving hand built ceramics. In 2006 Hiroe was awarded an Ambassadorial Commendation for her contribution to the cultural exchange between Australia and Japan.

In this landmark exhibition at Sturt for one of the most important Japanese-born ceramic artists still working in Australia today, we recognise the 6 decades of Hiroe’s extensive career as well as showcase the stunning new work being made by Hiroe today.

Supported by the Embassy of Japan in Australia.

The exhibition will run from 20 September to 15 November.

A digital catalogue will be available upon request from September.

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  • Hiroe Swen: Sturt Exhibition
  • Hiroe Swen: Sturt Exhibition
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