Liz Burton / Painter/Printmaker


While she spends a large amounts of time in Florence, Liz is Inspired by Australian landscapes


I am inspired by our landscape and plants. Spending large amounts of time in Florence, painting and printmaking, as well as being surrounded by beauty and excellence, I cannot help but be nurtured by a great love of classical art and the amazing work that has endured the test of time.

The power of shape and simplicity of line is always foremost in my composition in both printmaking and painting. I have always been interested in drawing, design and colour. When I was a child, I spent all my time drawing and depicting life and my surroundings. It was my passion.

Growing up in northern NSW and living by the river, daily observance of the mighty Clarence and the distant hills has burned into my being the magnificence of the Australian landscape in both drought and flood.

I trained as a botanical artist and taught botanical illustration at the Brisbane Botanic Gardens for several years. Eventually, I tired of the constraints of this discipline. However, I learned from this practice about the need for careful and thoughtful observation which is now evident in my work.

Later, I lived in Europe for a few years and that experience has also left its mark upon my artwork. Much of my recent work highlights the comparisons and contradictions of the Australian and Italian landscape.

I use collage, acrylics, watercolours and oils in my works – they vary from one medium to many depending on the appropriate depiction of my intention. My current works move between memories of places that I love and keen observation of. Sometimes, this pushes me towards works of bold abstraction.

My printmaking is also heavily influenced by my travels in Italy. In Florence, I am extremely fortunate to work with modern day masters of the time-honoured techniques of Lithography, Etching, Mezzotint and many variations and modern interpretations.

In December 2018 and January 2019, I had a solo exhibition in Florence depicting Australian landscape.  At this time I also taught a masterclass on making and illustrating artists books – a fantastic way of uniting the skills of printmaking and painting in the Renaissance city.

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Liz Burton: Proteas and Raku Bowl

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