PhotoVoice Exhibition & Book / Renewal & Resilience

The PhotoVoice exhibition is being commemorated in a high quality arts publication.

In October 2020 a community photographic competition/exhibition called PhotoVoice was put together to gather emotive imagery embodying community resilience during that horrific time, and renewal in the period since.

The response was very moving with 80 images capturing the bravery of those who battled the fires, photographs and words revealing the heartbreak and hope of communities in the path of the flames, and starting down the road to recovery. To view these images, visit our new ARTSfile Exhibitions Space and select PhotoVoice 2021.. or just click HERE

The PhotoVoice exhibition is now being designed into a high quality book which will bring these powerful images to life in a more traditional way.

As PhotoVoice was put together very quickly back in October, we are aware that a number of members of our community didn’t hear about the opportunity to submit for the competition – we would now like to invite people who missed out first time round to submit photographs that they feel meet the criteria to be considered for inclusion in the book.

As before, we are calling for real and raw images that:

  • Capture the bravery of those who battled the fires
  • Reveal the heartbreak and hope of communities in the path of the flames and
  • Embody their journey to recovery and renewal.

Images may have been taken during the fires, during the COVID-19 lockdown or you might go out and look for places and moments that express your own feelings right now.

We ask you to give us a few words (up to 60) about the images you submit, or of your experiences of the fires.

Selected images and text will be added to the PhotoVoice Exhibition here on ARTSfile, and published in the book. 

Submissions open Monday 1 February and close on Sunday 14 February 2021

For more information:
P  02 4868 0888


To Register for PhotoVoice, please visit fill out the Entry Form below, read and agree to the Terms & Conditions, upload your images following the guidelines provided and click SUBMIT.








YOUR PHOTOGRAPHS * (1 -3 images)

Please refer to the Photographic Guidelines PDF for technical information and guidance for preparing your photographs.

Because we will be printing and publishing many of the photographs in a book we would prefer the images submitted to be 4-5mb. However, as some photos will certainly have been taken under difficult conditions without thought for the technicalities of photography, we will accept image sizes between 2mb and 10mb. > PhotographicGuidelines.pdf

Maximum upload size: 10MB

Terms & Conditions



Bong Bong Street, New Year’s Eve, 2019 / Peter Campbell


New Growth / Merilyn Harris