Savanna Caravan / Wearable Treasures

Savanna is BAAAACKK!

This time, at our gorgeous Bowral Town Hall, in time for the festive season, with another range of unusual, unique, remarkable jewellery made from Wearable Treasures.

16 Bendooley Street, Bowral
Tuesday 21st November – 10am – 3.30pm.
Thereafter Wednesdays to Sundays till Christmas Eve
10am – 3.30pm.
Closed Mondays & Tuesdays.

This time though, there’s a poignancy to her collection. Morocco, Syria, Yemen, Algeria, Palestine, Israel, Turkey – the places she’s visited over the past 25 years to find treasures and make friends, are battered on all fronts. She cancelled a Melbourne exhibition after the Moroccan earthquake because she realised that replacing the antique components in her jewellery – increasingly difficult over the years – is now impossible as she can’t travel there.  Tragically, these iconic, valuable, cultural treasures will remain buried until archaeologists can return.

Savanna is still planning to move to Melbourne, but after 15 shows in the Highlands, feels she owes us the opportunity of becoming a custodian of a Wearable Treasure before all that remains of them are in museums.

Visit, treat yourself, surprise a loved one, or just say hello.

If you need a private after hours appointment, Savanna is happy to help you. She remembers an occasion  at her Avalon Salon, a client rang her emergency number at 10pm. “Is the shop on fire?” she asked him. “NO!” he replied. “Worse than that! I forgot our anniversary .. Can you open up NOW?” Of course she did …

Here’s her emergency number! 0430 283066

For more information visit

If you’re unable to visit her at this beautiful venue, you can buy anything on the website and Savanna will gift wrap it and post the same day.


Savanna wearing one of her creations