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Tanya Wales is an abstract painter based in South Australia. The scale and tranquillity of Tanya’s works invite the audience to pause, to breathe, to feel.

Spurning the use of familiar reference points to elicit an emotional response, the flowing forms and fields of colour provoke deeply personal and diverse interpretations.

A confluence of techniques including pouring, transparent layers, fine brushwork and painterly marks are used to create an otherworldly narrative balanced by a sense of ambiguity and the illusion of simplicity. The multi-layered tension between colour and form provide a sublime energy in the work. Calling on varied techniques and processes, Tanya engages with a considered combination of elements across a concurrent series of works, building a complex narrative within each piece that references a point in time and a playful celebration of painting itself. Once completed, each work conveys the artist’s fascination with the fluid inevitability of life’s journey and with the paradox of knowing that despite all that has gone before all we ever really have is one perfect moment: the present.

Following professional education in Design Arts and Graphic Design, Wales began to develop her abstract painting practice. This included a period of training at the National Art School in 2007 and private tutoring with the acclaimed Sydney artist, Marissa Purcell between 2008 and 2014. Wales has exhibited extensively in Sydney and Melbourne through both solo and group exhibitions as well as at Art Fairs.

The exhibition runs from May 20 to June 20, 2022 

From the Exhibition Essay

Yeah, It’s a Pink Moon
Tanya Wales: Season

Tanya Wales paintings on first inspection seem simple, full of a colour or in cases some colours. These works like many of the great minimal abstractionists are nuanced in a complex process in order to reach these surfaces. The colour field and other works are created through pouring many layers, skins of thin acrylic laid flat down on the primed raw linen. The paint flows and spills out over the often large surfaces, it is poured from bowls and buckets, moved around by brush, smeared and wiped off, more layers laid down.

The works are built up slowly over time, days and nights drying on the studio floor with a patience and trust in the process. The sun sets and a night walk to process the days achievements as new ideas boil away. Back in the morning for another layer. There is a warmth that comes from letting the linen through, the various paintings as a show start to resemble different times of day, seasons and weather. I look at one and feel cooled by what seems to be a dive under water during a night swim.

The show as its title suggests follows the skies and climates of our seasons. It ties itself to the familiar, its gradients or large flat sections of colour allow very little room to hide. The control of her medium is clear and like many situations these minimal works only appear simple but in fact are very technical in their process based sense as well as how they operate in time and reflect it back at us. Whenever I think about process in this sense, I always think about something the American painter Matt Connors refers to as the works making themselves. How different works might bump into each other and in conversation a drip from a pour might land and stain another painting or work in progress. All this alchemy in the studio, paintings feeding each other with ideas and techniques. I think that this is how one falls into pursuing the purity in this kind of minimal abstraction.

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Tanya Wales: Midnight