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Camembert Ricotta Sour Cream

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100 Woodlands Rd
Woodlands NSW 2575


0423 527 227

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In this 6 hour workshop you will learn the secrets of Camembert, one of the most iconic of all French cheeses – how to develop and mature the bland rubbery curds of cultured, renneted milk into a creamy elegant and fragrant delicacy – Camembert, a cheese that has become synonymous with warm summer evenings, glasses of wine, sunsets and relaxation. An achievement to be truly proud of! This is a hands-on workshop, in which you will make three types of cheese and will take them all home with you to care for, mature and ultimately enjoy. The class takes place in the kitchen of our beautiful permaculture farm set amongst the rolling hills of the Southern Highlands. All equipment, ingredients and a yummy homegrown, home-made lunch are provided, although you are advised to bring along an Esky or large waterproof box to take home your cheeses.