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Dialogues Art Exhibition

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30/06/2022 - 12/07/2022



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About the event

‘Dialogues’ is an exhibition which brings together three artists:
Judy Mylonas, who works in mixed media on paper; Mary Anne Brophy, photographer and printmaker; and Janelle Gerrard who is a jewellery designer. Each is fascinated by the natural world and through their chosen media, explores our relationship with it, in individual ways.
Mylonas manipulates paint and pastel to evoke a sense of time or place but, rather than merely record, she seeks to simplify, clarify or interpret.
Brophy’s photographic images and etchings are impressionistic interpretations of the natural world, capturing its granular, organic and impermanent nature, and our interaction with it.
Gerrard, who comes from a graphic design background, explores the possibilities of porcelain, acrylic and timber media to transform her inspirations from nature into wearable art.
These recent works, created using very different media, inevitably stimulate dialogues between the works themselves, between the various creative processes, between nature in itself and of course, between the natural world and us, the viewers.