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Native Bee Workshop

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One of the biggest challenges for the future of our natural heritage is arresting the decline in biodiversity due to habitat loss, change in land use and climate change. Making a home for native bees is a great way to start increasing biodiversity in your backyard.

Sylvia Cornwell, proudly known as ‘The Mad Bee Lady’, has been keeping honeybees for 40 years and is a passionate and informed advocate of all things concerning bees. Sylvia will introduce you to this diverse and fascinating group of insects with a dynamic discussion about the ecology and importance of native bees to our ecosystems.

After a delicious morning tea, you will be shown how to make a Bee Hotel designed to attract the beautiful Blue Banded Bee, and receive one to take home. The day will finish with a tour of the Retford Park garden to look at how to make your garden more bee friendly.

Imagery: Blue banded bee courtesy of Sylvia Cornwell