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UN-HINGED Paintings by Mikel Kiriakos

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347-349 Bong Bong St
Bowral NSW 2576



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About the event

MIkel is an up and coming abstract expressionist artist who explores emotion and social behaviour in works that are deeply personal.

We will be launching his collection at Mental Gallery in Bowral, Saturday April 24th.

He is known for his expressionist style that depicts mood, emotions and social issues. His style includes figures or faces that have been distorted through exaggeration. His art is less systematic and more cognitive in it’s approach which retains the element of surprise coupled with the intuition of the artist’s state of mind.

Mikel loves the serendipity of finding shapes and figures in a bunch of scribbles and textures; and his motivation is mostly derived from the un-expectation of what’s about to unfold, much like life itself.

Come and check out a never before seen collection.

Due to Covid restrictions we have applied a ticketing system to ensure numbers are kept to the allocated amount. This event is a free event.