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Wearable Treasure – Orientalia

When is it on?

10/03/2021 - 23/03/2021

Where is it?

1 Short St
Bowral NSW 2576


4861 4093

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About the event

Did you know that the beginning and end of all civilisations are marked by jewellery? Jewellery is small, portable and intensely personal, the ultimate reward when things turn topsy turvy.

2021 hopefully marks a turning point for everyone, and Savanna’s Wearable Treasures has a different design direction for 2021.

Yes, Savanna’s back again after her 2020 sellout show. Her Wearable Treasures 2021 exhibition will have an emphasis on artefacts and collectibles from the Orient – the Middle East and Far East. Jade, coral, pearls, antique silver, ancient and excavated beads and glass will feature in her unique repurposed designs. Stunning gemstones like aquamarine, opals and jaspers, lapis and tourmalines, garnets and agates add to the artistic element. Every piece tells a story, and when you become a custodian, you’re part of the story.”